Friends have been recommending this to me for months and finally, I decided to get one. It was the best thing ever! Of course I was a bit cautious and only got the 2l version. But if ever I have no choice but to cook every single day, I would so buy the bigger pot.

My first try was making chicken porridge. I added too little rice to the broth and hence had a very thin porridge. My second try was barley water since The Boy was ill. And unfortunately today, he was stull unwell and so I made plain porridge.

I will be continuing to experiment with recipes using this thermal pot but in the meantime, I am just so sold by this that I am doing a shoutout to whoever invented this fabulous cookware. 


i got the la gourmet 2 litre pot


in the inner pot boil chicken bones, bay leaves, carrots and then remove add rice
cover and place the inner pot inside the outer one. close and lock.

after four or five hours later flavourful chicken porridge albeit too thin

boil barley and water, add sugar
after a few hours in the thermal pot and voila! freshly made barley drink!


eaten with a bit of fried ikan bilis/anchovies
plain porridge. rice water and salt