Asian Dishes, Poultry

Ayam Kalia

This is one dish which I think many Malay homes would like…except mine. That said, there were no leftovers for this dish. Haha.

It’s essentially chicken in yogurt sauce. In true fashion, I did two substitutions. One, instead of santan (coconutcream) I used a bit of no fat milk. And instead of potatoes, I used zucchini. The dish is fragrant and tastes good with hot rice. It’s not spicy at all. I’ve included the original recipe from the cookbook but it’s in Malay.

sautee sliced onions and minced garlic and slices of ginger till soft and fragrant
add the premarinated chicken in. chicken marinated in yogurt, ground corainder, ground cumij, and poppy seeds.
add water and cook till chicken is tender. add zuchinni (or potatoes) and simmer till thick. add coconut cream.

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