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Meringues with my new toy

After so many many many many years, I finally got my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. 

So my friend dropped by and we decided to test out the mixer. I had no butter, no flour and the cream cheese in the fridge had long expired. So what to do with plenty of eggs and sugar? Make meringues!

The mixer was beautiful! My egg whites turned to clouds in record time. We divided the mixture into three bowls. One was mixed with vanilla essence and chocolate chips. The second one was simply pink food colouring. And the third was lemon oil and yellow coloring. In an extremely low temperature oven, we baked it for hours! My friend couldn’t wait so the next day, I gave her two jars of them. The best were the lemon meringues!

I am going to experiment with merouand flavours soon because I think they make for very pretty gifts. 🙂 

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