After my trip to Bandung and having tried Nasi Uduk for the first time there, I decided I’d make the dish at home. Many people have said Nasi Uduk is merely the Indonesian version of Nasi Lemak. Partially so. While the condiments may more or less be the same, the taste is not. While Nasi Lemak rice is fragrant from the use of coconut and pandan leaves, Nasi Uduk’s rice is fragrant from the spices used. In any case, I love both Nasi Lemak and Nasi Uduk and reckon when I do retire one day, will be making both often as family dishes. “”] Mix the coconut mixture into the cooked rice. “] Plain cooked rice[/caption]

In the boiling coconut cream, add onion garlic ginger lemongrass fresh basil leaves white pepper
Coconut cream

In the meantime, make the sambaltumis and fry the tempe, tahu and chicken.

And then assemble all nicely together! In Indonesia, nasi uduk is also served with sambal kacang, peanut sauce.