Asian Dishes, Rice

Lemon Rice and Friends

On Saturday I invited famuly over and made some form of lemon rice…but not quite.

I wanted to follow Chef Wan’s recipe but as usual, didn’t follow to the T. So, no, I didn’t add any lemon juice nor mint but I added the zest of a lemon and saffron. The colour was perfectly golden, but alas, I was slightly enthusiastic in shaking the salt bottle and hence the rice was slightly salty.

The other sides I made was my rosemary garlic wings, capsicum in olive oil and The Girl made her tzatziki sauce. 

OK so the pictures came out backwards but if you’re a cook, no matter how occasional it is, you’d know that the last picture above comes first. 😂

I’ll definitely make the rice again, if I have the chance with guests. The brilliance of the yellow and the all the little trimmings make this party perfect. Give it a go! And add the saffron! ☺️

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