Asian Dishes, Japanese/Korean, Meat

Korean Galbi

I had recently purchased a griller. And am having so much fun having Saturday or Sunday dinners eating grilled food!

My latest try is Korean beef galbi because while the boy was having his taekwondo class, I was roaming in the supermarket when I spotted beautiful boneless beef short ribs.

So that morning, I put the beautiful fresh meat in a ziplock bag. And in a mixing bowl, added 3 tbsp brown sugar, light soy sauce, garlic, smashes of thinly sliced ginger and sesame oil. And then I poured the marinade in the bag and left it in the fridge.

That night, out came the portable grill and soon, the whole kitchen was smokey. I sliced the  meat fairly thinly and then we ate that with lettuce wraps, Korean style. I also had some extra chicken breasts which I had marinated simply with bottled honey soy sauce marinade and grilled that too. Overall, I am happy with my weekend grilled dinners and this weekend, I’ll try grilling something else instead!






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