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Roti Telur Tuna (Tuna Egg Bread)

Ok this is a super unhealthy and very sensitive food item for the family. This is a snack that is sold quite commonly. Essentially it’s a stuffed French toast filled with spicy sardines or a hot dog. I posted a brief post about this years ago sans the backstory.

So the story goes that a few weeks before my dad passed away because of a heart attack, he would eat this snack every single day. He was a taxi driver and so there’s some Malay stall somewhere (as you can see, my mom refuses till now to share details) that he would frequent for breakfast. And, this part I knew then, he was having heart problems. The doctors have told him to go for a balloon operation but my dad refused. He used to always say he’ll die at 50. Lo and behold, he really did. And my mom would always blame this snack for pushing him to the end.

Let me share with you this controversial snack. Eat in absolute moderation.

I used canned spicy tuna instead of sardines that day. You need only use store bought sliced bread, and roll it thin. Yes, with a rolling pin.

See the difference? So there’s more space…

Add filling and then roll tight. I didn’t manage to roll as tightly as I should. Then right before frying, dip in egg and fry till golden brown.

Drain well on paper towels and dab dab dab excess oil…

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