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Suji (Semolina) Pudding My Way

I’ve shared a post about making semolina pudding or suji in Malay. Quite similar to a rice pudding except this uses semolina flour. Today, because the water was too hot, the semolina quickly turned quite lumpy. I used a whisk and when it’s all done, poured the mixture through a sieve. Voila! Very smooth and creamy pudding.

For the final touch, I had the trail mix a friend got for me. Healthy and raw. I made it more delicious (and unhealthy!) by frying handfuls in good quality butter (Lurpak, in this case). After that, chill in the fridge or eat warm.

1. Bring 4 Ikea sized mugs of water in a Corningware to a simmer.
2. Add 1 Ikea sized mug of semolina and 1 Ikea sized mug of white sugar (not totally full for sugar, make it 4/5 mug) and 1 whole can of full fat evaporated milk.
3. Stir to thicken and slowly add 1 more Ikea sized mug of hot water to achieve a smooth and not too thick consistency. It should coat the back of a wooden spoon nicely. Add a bit of yellow food colouring and some rose water essence, or vanilla if the former is unavailable.
4. Fry in butter nuts and raisins of choice.
5. Sprinkle over and chill.
6. If mixture has lumps, sieve mixture for a smooth consistency.

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