Asian Dishes

Happy New Year 2020 Menu

We sail into a new decade today and so I’ve decided to treat the family members to some hearty brunch food.

First up, smashed avocado. Just lightly seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and just a touch of lemon juice.

Baked quails! Not quail eggs but the Mama bird itself. Marinated with this spice a friend got for me from Scotland. Serve it with a kale salad.

Mustard potato salad. Simply mix tablespoonfuls of wholegrain mustard with Japanese kewpie mayonnaise, coarsely ground black pepper, salt and a tiny splash of cider vinegar.

Poached eggs. I fail at making them using a saucepan so I had to use the poachmaker. But delicious nonetheless.

To a brand new year with more cooking go relax the mind and nourish the soul.

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