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Spinach, minced meat and cheese Spring Rolls

I’m only posting this because the filling is good. The mistake is in the spring roll wrappers. They’re not meant for baking in the oven.

So next time I make this, I have got to have fillo pastry, no doubt about that!

For the filling, combing one package of frozen spinach together with one egg, half a tub of yogurt, three tablespoons of cooked minced meat of choice, add cheddar and mozzarella cheese and season with lots of black pepper and sea salt.

The filling should be soft and then place a tablespoon of filling onto two spring rolls and roll. Then you should seal the ends with flour paste. Spray oil on top and bake.

The result wasn’t bad because the filling was very good but it definitely wasn’t a crunchy experience. Next time I’ll try shallow frying the spring rolls. This will prevent the edges from opening compared to deep frying.

Spinach, minced meat and cheese Spring rolls! Delicious and healthy.

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