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Prawn Paella

There’s a new store in town that’s easily becoming a favourite. Australian wholesome food brand – Scoop – just landed on our shores and their latest outlet happens to be near enough for me to hop down easily. So last week after work I took a short outing and got several things there, including paella rice. The next day, I made prawn paella.

I adapted from a recipe I got from here so if you want the original, click below:


For me, the first thing which I did was to marinade huge prawns that I got from the supermarket with sea salt and garlic powder. Then using good butter, I fried the prawns till done. The result was very good because the aroma from the butter will seep into the prawns. Delicious sweet buttery garlicky prawns! Set aside after frying them.

For the rice, I followed the recipe in the site but omitted the onions. I used 2 cups of rice and 500ml of organic vegetable stock. The rice, however, you need to keep a good look out for it. If the water dries out faster than the rice is cooked, then add more water. Season with salt when you add more water.

Sauté garlic and capsicum. I omitted onions but please add them.
Add the paella rice.
Add a big pinch of saffron threads and one teaspoon of smoked paprika.
Add salt and two teaspoons of salt. Lower heat and simmer till rice is done.
When rice is almost done, add frozen peas and cover.
Make sure to taste the rice for doneness.
Arrange cooked prawns on bed of rice and sprinkle coriander/cilantro leaves.
I served with a side of baked chicken wings.

And there you have it! The recipe works but you’ve also got to use your common sense and adapt as you cook. One thing the website did not state is that you’ve got to have that crispy bottom rice which you have to get by turning up the heat after it’s done and ensuring the bottom of the rice is crispy and toasty, not burnt. I just regularly checked the bottom and patted the mixture down as I’m heating it up. The toasty bottom bit makes it all worthwhile! End off with a round of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Delicioso!

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