Bread and Batter

No Knead Focaccia

Ok, I love love love this recipe and Marion Grasby. If you’ve not been following her on YouTube then you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Half Thai and half Aussie, she’s a brainchild of Asian and Western cooking.

Her latest post on making focaccia is amazing. I followed her recipe and it worked perfectly. However, because of the Super hot and humid weather here, I need to cut down on the water and the hours to be kept overnight. For example, a one hour wait for the yeast mixture to bloom only takes less than 10 minutes here!

Some of her tips and tricks like mixing an olive oil and water mixture and pouring it all over the dough before baking also works.

The yeast mixed with a quarter cup of semolina and 80g of lukewarm water. Wait for it to bloom and thicken.
Pour some olive oil and cover with a cloth overnight.
Is there such a thing as over rising? I did the dough at around 11 plus at night and by 6 am it’s so huge! The humidity here does affect baking recipes.
Deflate the dough and make 4 turns from underneath the dough till a smooth ball is formed.
Spread the dough on a lined and greased baking sheet, and add more olive oil all over the dimpled and creased Top that you’ve created from pressing and forming the dough to fit the pan. Add topping of choice. Here, 1/3 of the dough is given the Marion’s topping of fried shallots and chilli flakes. For the rest, I grated parmesan cheese and over the entire thing sprinkled Maldon sea salt flakes.
Bake in a 230 Celsius oven till golden and crispy. Sprinkle with fresh thyme while the bread is still hot.
Crispy with a light and slightly chewy interior. I love this so much! I’m going to bake again this coming weekend but will use a different topping.

For the full recipe, visit her website here.

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