Apple Crumble

So yesterday was the niece’s first birthday and in small groups of 5, we went to visit her. I thought I’d bring a dessert. She’d probably have birthday cake, so why make another cake, right? So I searched for desserts and came across apple crumble!

And this recipe is so lovely that the family loved it. The thing about Apple crumble is that it really isn’t the prettiest to look at. But it sure tasted awesome! I used Fuji apples (because that’s why I had in the fridge), and cashewnuts/hazelnuts mix (because I didn’t have pecans in my pantry).

The first step is to cut the apples thin. According to the recipe, you don’t even have to peel the apples. And she’s right! It really doesn’t matter. Mix the apples with cinnamon powder, sugar and a bit of lemon juice.
The crumble was easy. Combine flour, salt, brown sugar and the nuts together. And then add the melted butter to combine.
Spread crumble over Apple slices. I had some jutting out here and there but I thought it looked rustic.
Bake till brown and crispy and scatter mint leaves over. Best served with vanilla ice cream over (but we didn’t have any)
I like this recipe because it had the right amount of sweetness and it’s not watery. The apple mixture was just lovely!
For the recipe that I used: Apple Crumble

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