Burnt Cheesecake

When this was very popular back then, I didn’t bother buying because people were selling it at such exorbitant prices. I did try a slice, I remember now, two years ago at a department gathering. It is delicious, this burnt cheesecake. Fast forward to yesterday and I made one myself!

I couldn’t believe how incredibly easy it was to bake this! The paper lining was already the correct size as I used browning paper. It fitted perfectly into the 6 inch cake pan I had, with a bit of overhang.

For the recipe, I used the one here but made adjustments to fit what I had at hand. So for the cream cheese, I used 500g. One Philadelphia cream cheese box is 250g so just use two of those. I used Royal Victoria cream cheese log which came in at 1kg so it was easy to cut in half. As for the heavy cream, one box of cream sold here is 200g. And that’s what I used. One box of 200g and the cake turned out fine. Delicious even!

The first step is to cream the sugar (120g) and cream cheese (500g). Make sure the cheese is at super room temperature and mix well. Then add in one by one 3 eggs in total. Scrape the sides of the bowl and the bottom before whisking again (I used my Kitchen Aid with the metal whisk attachment instead of the paddle). Then add 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 tsp vanilla essence or extract. Finally add the flour and cream mixture. For the flour (20g), slowly pour in the heavy cream into the flour till a smooth mixture is formed. Make sure no lumps. Like making bechamel sauce!

By then you’ll have a super smooth silky batter that is not too thick nor thin. Pour into the lined cake tin and quickly put it in the hot oven 240 C that has been preheating for at least 20min. The trick is to make sure the oven is super hot.

After 22 min, take it out. I wanted a soft Center so when I took it out at the 22 min mark, it was very wobbly. But don’t worry. Let it sit for 2 hours in the cake tin pan itself and cook down.

It looks pale right? But don’t worry because after two hours this is how it looked like!
The colour deepened!
Lift it out of the cake tin and carefully remove it from the paper lining. Serve!
So smooth and creamy! Almost like a custard
Another close up view.
I know now this is going to be THE gift whenever I go visiting close family and friends. Happy housewarming! Here, have a burnt cheesecake. 😂

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