Pavlova with Strawberries

In the morning, I had tried making hollandaise sauce. If failed miserably so I decided to make use of the egg whites and create something that will be failproof. So pavlova it was.

Definitely fail proof but I accidentally added in yellow food colouring instead of vanilla! Hence, the bright yellow colour. Oh well.

For the strawberry sauce, all I did was simmer about 450g of strawberry into a cup of sugar, some water, lemon juice and a 1/4 cup of my favourite honey from Scoop. Let it thicken.

For the pavlova, it was simply mixing three egg whites, and adding slowly 1 cup of castor sugar. Vanilla essence. And a pinch of salt. And of course in this case, some yellow food colouring. Sigh.

Beat well till stiff peaks form but don’t overheat after this. Stop.
Spread on baking paper. And bake in a 105 degree Celcius oven for 90min. Touch the surface to check if it’s dry.
This is how it is like after baking. Gently remove from the parchment paper and transfer to a serving plate.
And then decorate! I poured the strawberry sauce on top but I didn’t wait for it to cool down first hence you can see the bubbles or foam. Then top with more fresh strawberries and mint leaves (from my potted plant garden!)
When cooled it’s so deliciously chewy in the centre, crisp on top and the slightly sweet yet a bit tangy strawberries balance out everything!
This is easily the prettiest thing I’ve made this year. Another photo just because. ☺️

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