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Tiguadege Na (Meat in Peanut Sauce)

So I have a new game with my kids. Every week, I blindfold one of them, spin the child around and they’ll point randomly at a place on my world map.

And the Boy two weeks ago pointed at Mali! I know nothing about Mali so when researching about this country, I found out that a popular and perhaps the National dish of Mali is meat in peanut sauce. It uses peanut butter! Loving the idea already!

So last week was the day I had to cook a dish from the country picked. I chose to make this dish using lamb cubes. The outcome was amazing! It almost tasted like Malay-style peanut sauce that we usually eat with our satay or ketupat (rice cakes) except there’s no spice or chilli at all here.

The first step is browning the lamb cubes. And once browned remove.
Then sauté chopped onions and garlic in oil. Add black pepper and some salt. Let the onions soften.
Add chicken stock or beef broth, a can of tomato diced, and Italian seasoning. The recipe I followed called for herbs de provence but I didn’t have any so Italian seasoning works the same too. Just a pinch will do.
Now this is the fascinating part! Add peanut butter! Mix and let it simmer till meat is done, adding potatoes and carrots.
I added the root vegetables
when I guessed the lamb cubes were halfway done.
And then voila! Serve with hot rice.
It was a good lunch. Learning and trying something new.

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