Bread and Batter

Sourdough Madness

Oh my goodness! I haven’t realised it’s been three whole months since my last post!

The reason is quite simple. Besides being very busy with work, I’ve also been crazy mad about sourdough!

Many failures, many attempts and it is only now that I am quite confident in making my own bread. Not so good that I can sell them but definitely good enough for the family to keep asking for more.

I failed twice making my own starter. Singapore is just way too humid and after failing, I did the next logical thing – to ask for some. A friend gifted me hers (it was a gift from her friend) and thereafter my sourdough experiments began.

Again, I couldn’t seem to get them right because Singapore is definitely extremely humid. The cookbook which I got and am still using calls for 8-10 hours of bulk proofing. It was only later when I joined a local sourdough group that I learnt never to go beyond 4 hours in our hot weather.

I still haven’t perfected it yet but I miss blogging and updating this blog so here are some of my bread pictures. The first few. I’ll share which recipes I’ve used later when my holidays begin and I cook regularly again. 🙂

This was when I tried using inclusions. Chocolate.
This was when I finally managed to get an ear, albeit a tiny one! Lol
This was when I I used wholemeal flour.

The journey is satisfying though full of trials and error. In fact, I’ve a pepper Jack loaf proofing in the fridge right now, ready for the oven by 8pm. I’ll share that in a proper post next.

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