This is The End

Times are hard and will get harder next year. Belt tightening has to be done.

With quite a heavy heart, I cancelled my domain and subscription plan. I don’t know what’s going to happen after May 2023 when it ends. Will all my previous posts be available or will it disappear? Perhaps the domain will disappear but the posts remain? Maybe the words will remain but the pictures disappear?

However the future holds for this blog which I started in 2010, I’ve had a good run and an enjoyable time. What started as a project to keep recipes for my children will now have to be just a databank of memories and one day I might just delete the entire blog. The children are not interested in cooking at all 😂

Thank you to those who have subscribed and who have accessed this blog site. I bid all of you adieu. I can be found on Instagram : shasha_cooks

Happy holidays and have a great 2023 ahead! ☺️

Much love

The Occasional Cook

PS:// if you can’t access anymore (it’ll end May 2023), i suspect the blog can still be accessed using

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