Noodles and Pasta

Penne Alfredo bake

This is what you can make within minutes using all ready made ingredients and leftovers.


You can add vegetables to the dish but I didn’t have any vegetables I needed to finish so it was just plain. But still delicious for children. I like to use Leggo (because its the only halal one in the market). The red which you see is from smoked paprika for added flavour. I simple love smoked paprika.



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Korean Glass Noodles – Fried

Been on an East Asian binge lately. Bought this from NTUC Finest. It’s Korean sweet potato noodles, much like the normal glass noodles or what the Malays called ‘su-un’.

When I searched a recipe to make use of this, I only found one called ‘japchae’. It is sooo time consuming. Every ingredient is tossed in soy sauce and sesame oil individually! I did the very Singaporean thing instead.

After boiling the noodles for a minute till they are done, I fried them in garlic and oil, the usual style and seasoned with a bit of soy sauce. And I used thinly sliced beef too. For the beef, I marinated them in Korean hot paste, soy sauce, pepper and garlic.


Asian Dishes, Noodles and Pasta, Singapore

Singapore Laksa

The Little Girl has been craving for laksa. She just loves laksa and so do I but I’ve got absolutely no idea how to make it. The Malay style laksa which looks the same as the Singapore one uses fish. Well. I decided to cop out and do the Singapore style Chinese version which doesn’t use fish at all in its gravy.

At my favourite (actually, not favourite but more like convenient) NTUC, I called my mom and asked her what goes into the paste. Oh, the usual, she replied. Onions, garlic, lots of dried shrimp,… Simple enough. I grabbed the ingredients I needed and then when I wanted to buy the tau pok (fried/dried tofu) I noticed this…

Well, well. I grabbed that packet.

Back home in the kitchen, I made the paste. In a blender, I added onions, garlic, a bit of belacan, dried shrimp, bunga kantan (ginger torch flower), lemongrass, fresh turmeric. And blended all of them with a bit of water to form a paste.

After which, I fried the paste in oil till the oil separates from the paste, added coconut milk and water. Then, I added in the ready made paste. I added  fishballs, tau pok, and a bit of  daun kesom (laksa leaves) and then, voila! My first attempt at making laksa.

Meat, Noodles and Pasta


This is getting to be very bad. Again for lunch this weekend, something creamy and fattening. What is wrong with me?

Anyway, this is how I made my lasagne this time round. The basic meat sauce is like how I always do – sautee garlic in olive oil, add meat, add bottled tomato sauce (I used the half that I had left over from last week’s cottage pie). I also added to small tins of tomato puree (not paste) and, this is the killer difference, chipotle peppers. Remember I used chipotle peppers to make my sweet potato mash? I had leftovers and this is the perfect time to make use of it (read: get rid of leftovers!) I did not make a bechamel sauce for my lasagne. In fact, a lot of recipes for lasagne do not use bechamel sauce. They call for layering of cheese, pasta and meatballs. So … I got rid of the mozzarella cheese and extra tasty cheddar cheese that were close to the expiration date. The end result of ‘want not and waste not’ motto I’m trying to live by? Tasty, creamy, cheesy lunch special at home!

Chop some chipotle peppers. Chipotle peppers are simply smoked dried jalapeno peppers so they aren't spicy at all. However, they have loads of smoky flavour.
Make the meat sauce. Make sure it's very saucy - lots of tomato sauce because you do not want a dry lasagne.
Grate cheeses.
Soften pasta sheets. They don't have to be thoroughly cooked. If you read at the back of the boxes, they always always say not to boil them. Hah! I tried many times raw and my pasta were always not properly cooked. Especially the edges. So this time round, no way am I going to bite into undercooked pasta. Boil them in boiling water till they are just pliable.
Cheese and meat sauce for the first layer.
First layer is cheese and meat sauce.


And then the pasta sheets.
Do as may layers as you can. I only always do two. And then top with sauce and cheese. Make sure to tuck in any defiant pasta sheets back into the sauce.
Bake till golden and bubbly.