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The Malayan Council

I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking first. So last Friday my friends and I went to a new place to eat. We had the supposedly best dish of 2016 – the beef rib rendang with roti kirai (malay lacey pancakes). This is really a winner but at 39 dollars a plate, it doesn’t come cheap. The meat is not only fall off the bone but fork tender and in soft strands. The other dish, a paella sotong masak hitam (squid ink) wasn’t great. One day I really have to see my Mama cook this squid ink Malay dish but this cafe’s version isn’t awesome. The drink, a sangria was nice but the cakes were awesome! The ondeh- ondeh cake was moist and fluffy and gula Melaka crunchy.

It’s fusion Malay meets Western fare at its best, though. Compared to other fusion eateries, this has got to be the better ones.

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Fat Papas

Burgers! Sheikh Haikel, a local celebrity here teamed up with the original Fatboy Burgers in Singapore for a haal version called Fat Papas! Coz you know, he ain’t no boy anymore and he is a Papa of three lovely kids. Whatever it is, we are so glad he did this because the burgers are goooood!

We tried the wimpy burger, and the mushroom one.

We are so coming back to try out the other burgers.


Hararu Izakaya

I finally got to try this halal izakaya one day after work. The selection was not extensive but we ordered enough to try out the not sp common dishes.

Our first dish was the fried oysters. While good, I did notice that the oysters were not huge ones. In fact, they were quite tiny. We had the grilled chicken hearts and grilled steak. Both were good, especially the beef. Juicy and flavourful, you can actually eat one whole plate without sharing. The salmon was beautifully done. Moist and flavourful though a tad on the salty side. There was also a bowl of clam soup not featured here.

Overall, it was OK but because it is on the pricey side, I’d come here again when I feel richer. 😁



TFF Chicken Rice

Singapore’s national dish of the people’s choice. Haha. When you get really good halal chicken rice, you hardly go anywhere else. Fragrant oily chickeny goodness. And you know it’s gotta be good when there’s not only a long queue for it but there are non-Muslims Chinese in the queue. Yup, this place is the bomb for us! Many likes!