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Fish Tacos

So after watching Trevor Noah on Netflix about tacos, I felt that today is the right time to make them. 1. I have just bought tortilla wraps 2. I have sour cream and mixed cheddar cheese 3. I have frozen white fish. I also have two pieces of sirloin steaks in case there wasn’t enough fish.

For the fish marinade, I just used lime juice, olive oil, smoked paprika powder, fresh garlic mince, coriander leaves and salt and black pepper. Pan fry till cooked.

For the sirloin, I used leftover spice mix form the kabsah rice recipe. And pan fry in the hot pan till done.

For the white sauce, I mixed a tub of sour cream with a tub of Greek yogurt, added a tablespoon of Japanese mayo and seasoned with salt.

For the toppings, shredded cabbage, bottled picked jalapeño slices, bottled salsa, shredded mixed cheddar, finely diced onions and coriander leaves.

Tacos is really delicious and I get why a lot of Americans love it. However, it is SUPER messy to eat and not something I’d eat in public. Or bring to work. 😅

Regardless, it’s a lovely change and for us, two pieces of tacos is enough. In the end, we all finished up the fish and the steak slices were eaten on its own as a snack.

Assembly counter. I forgot to add wedges of limes are essential. Squeeze over the tacos before eating!
It’s hard to make tacos stand upright!
All mine! Yummy yummy!
Will definitely try making fish tacos again!

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Hot Avoacado

I love avocado spreads! And instead of buying them ready made from the supermarket (which can be soooo expensive) I’d rather make myself. Plus it’s so easy to just dump all in a mini food processor and whiz everything to a pulp.

In my version, I used three ripe avocados, half a large tomato, a tablespoon of jalapeno hot sauce I had got from London, sea salt, black pepper and half a large lemon juice.

It was delicious!

Poultry, South American/Mexican


One day, I decided to make something cheesy using leftovers. So I did. I had some burritos, some chicken breasts and cheese. So I decided to wrap all these things together and make some sort of a sauce and bake in the oven.

For the sauce, I roasted all these vegetables and then blended them, adding salt.

The result was this spicy sauce. The spiciness came from the small Indian green chillies that I had bought at Mustafa weeks before.

My filling assembly line. The chicken breasts were roasted in the oven simply with salt, black pepper and a bit of olive oil. And then I shredded them. The thick brown sauce is actually vegetarian refried beans.

Put a burrito in a hot pan for just a few seconds. And then place it on a board. Spread the refried beans, top with chicken and the sauce. Put cheese on top (I used one slice of emanthal cheese).

Just roll it up and place it in a baking dish, seam side down.

Pour all the sauce on top, top with mozzarella cheese and bake till bubbly.

This really has to be eaten hot. And one is already a lot. I was ambitious by plating two. It was rich, spicy and completely delicious. One success story here after quite a few bad attempts at some other dishes the previous days.

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Burritos? Tex-Mex Wrap Thingy

I’m so tired but I refuse to let go of this blog. Ha ha. I don’t vet my writing when I update posts so bear with me with the countless typos and inconsistent grammar or vocabulary use.

Chop chop. Sunday, I had my trusty minced beef. Browned them in a pot, added one can of peeled Italian tomatoes and ready to mix Chilli Seasoning. I added in a can on kidney beans. I thought I’d make tacos you see. Rushed over to the NTUC only to discover, like duh, they didn’t have a Mexican section like the bigger supermarkets. Luckily for me, I found a packet of wraps.

In a frying pan, I put in one wrap. Spread the meat sauce over. Top that with shredded mozzarella. Sprinkled thin slices of yellow capsicum. Turned the wrap in half till toasty.Plated it. Spooned Greek yogurt over and a dash of Jalapeno Tabasco. The Hubster loved it. Fast to cook, messy to eat, delicious in the tummy.