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Fat Papas

Burgers! Sheikh Haikel, a local celebrity here teamed up with the original Fatboy Burgers in Singapore for a haal version called Fat Papas! Coz you know, he ain’t no boy anymore and he is a Papa of three lovely kids. Whatever it is, we are so glad he did this because the burgers are goooood!

We tried the wimpy burger, and the mushroom one.

We are so coming back to try out the other burgers.


Fish Fry

When we were in Texas a few years ago, the Man introduced us to this brand of coating for frying fish. And when we were in KLCC< we saw this same brand sold at the Cold Storage. So one day, I decided to fry some fish for the family. The Boy loves it. I think it goes well in sandwiches. Looks like if ever we go to KL again, I’ll be buying a few more packets home!


Prawns in spicy soy sauce

There’s a new brand of soy sauce in the local market. It’s spicy and salty and full of umaminess. This is the brand that has taken the makciks here by storm. 😂

Today I thought I’d use this to cook my prawns. In goes red sliced chillies (preferably bird eyes but I didnt have any today) and curry leaves and garlic. Then the prawns with a dash of white pepper, and when the prawns have turned pink, add the spicy soy sauce with a teaspoon of sugar. 




Chrysanthemum Tea

This is the first time I’m making the tea from scratch. And now that I knw how, it looks like I’ll never buy another sweetened bottled one again. 


dried chrysanthemum flowers, rock sugar and water. That’s it!

do not overboil. about ten minutes after rolling boil.
drink up!