Avocado Shake

Mmmmmm….Visiting Bali is incomplete without having a glass of this delicious goodness.

Last week, The Girl and I decided to make the famous Jus Apokat. We love avocados and missing holidays. So in a blender goes fresh avocado, ice and fresh milk. Blend till smooth. In a saucepan melt some palm sugar (gula melaka). And then voila, it’s done.



Broccoli Cauliflower Chilli Cashew

Last afternoon I had a pleasant time with The Cuz. She was in the midst of cooking and so I sauntered in asking if I could capture what she was doing (and hoping to get a taste of the wonderful vegetables I saw in the pan!) The vegetables were fragrant and crisp (who likes mushy overcooked vegetables? Unless of course they are meant to be pureed!) So here’s the technique for a healthy and satisfying dish.


add oil, garlic and then ginger to a pan. add cut broccoli and cauliflower. season with freshly ground black pepper.

in a separate bowl and some soy sauce, cut chillies, some alfalfa spriuts and the dry roasted cashews.



Butter Cake

This morning I baked a simple butter loaf cake. I followed the recipe from http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/19421/butter+cake faithfully.

Unfortunately, my oven temperature is skewed. Although I turned the knob to 180 as required, the heat was way off. And hence I intend to invest in an external oven thermometer next time to check.

Even though the temperature was high and my cake was overcooked, it wasn’t so bad. It was still moist in the centre, and the leftover batter which I put in cupcake papers produced an even nicer result due to the sugary crunch on top.

Overall, this is certainly a recipe worth keeping. 🙂

butter, sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla essence, self-raising flour. That’s it!
Gently mix in the flour and milk into the butter and sugar and eggs batter which were beaten with an electric mixer. this gentle mixing allows for a light fluffy cake texture.
How I wished I had checked the heat.


Coriander sauce dip

I wanted to make mint chutney but there was absolutely no mint. Apparently because of the haze, people here have been buying mint to make a drink to soothe sore throats. But I did see loads of coriander.

So in a blender, I threw in fresh ginger, four green chillies, two teaspoons of freshly ground coriander seeds, two ripe tomatoes, a teaspoon of freshly chopped garlic and two big bunches of fresh coriander. Whiz till fine.

For the souring agent, instead of using yogurt and tamarind juice or in many Indian sites I went which recommends dried pomegranate seeds (I do not think even our local Indian stores here sell these), I used a whole tub of fat free sour cream.

The result was great! Especially when eaten with hot vadai, the coriander sauce proved to be a hit with my family. 


I seasoned with salt at this point.
ooops…not exactly fat free but close enough. hee hee.