Even though I cook a variety of dishes from all over the world, I am Malay after all and love Malay food. The cooking, not so much because of time and also, nothing I cook will ever taste like Mom’s. Waaa….! But I do try, and if you like eating Malay food (and especially when they are so overly priced nowadays) try cooking them at home.

Malay Cooking Staples

1. Santan: Coconut milk

2. Chilli Kering: Dried Chillies

3. Belachan:  Shrimp Paste

4. Assam Jawa: Tamarind paste

Common Ingredients for Rempah (spice paste)

1. Kunyit basah: Fresh turmeric

2. Lengkuas: Galangal

3. Bawang besar/kecil: Bombay Onions/Shallots

4. Bawang Putih: Garlic

5. Halia: Ginger

6. Buah Keras: Candlenuts

7. Serai: Lemongrass

8. Ketumbar: Coriander seeds

9. Jintan Manis/Kasar: Fennel seeds

10. Jintan Hitam/Halus: Cumin seeds

Leaves used in the dishes

1. Daun Salam: Fresh local Bay leaves

2. Daun Selasih: Local Basil

3. Daun Kunyit: Turmeric Leaves

4. Pandan: Pandanus leaves

5. Daun Kesum: Laksa Leaves