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Matcha Mille Crepe

I’ve been wanting to make this for the longest time after watching it on YouTube by JOC – Just One Cookbook. I just love the easy way she presents recipes.

And so I did. A few problems though for the novice-ish cook.

1. I couldn’t flip the crepes. They would tend to tear so in the end I decided to cook just one side of it

2. I did the paper cross thing she did to life the entire cake. Excel that…once you lift and place it into the cling film bowl, I couldn’t seem to take out the paper underneath! It was a two person job lifting and manipulating the cake so the papers would come off

3. Our heat and humidity. By the time I finished assembling the cake, the cream has melted and they all kind of slipped off. And the more I tried to remove the paper underneath, the messier it got!

But all went well after I managed to put it in the fridge for two hours. After that, the shape held well and the cut was beautiful. And I could cover slight tears with the powdered matcha!

Here is the recipe I followed: Matcha Mille Crepe Recipe: JOC

Can you see that huge tear? That came about as I was trying to remove the Crepe from the pan . That’s the paper which I had difficulty removing afterwards!
This picture has a filter because I realise I didn’t take several good photos of the whole cake. Notice the lopsided shape? This happened because of our hot and humid weather which made the entire cake drop as I was trying to get it into shape in the cling film
But all’s well that ends well and I love this cake! Not sweet, just the way I like my desserts, actually.
Best eaten chilled! Yummy!

Shepherd’s Pie

About two weeks ago I went to the butcher and got two packets of minced lamb. I didn’t realise how expensive it was! So I kept in the freezer and waited for the time when I would make good use of this expensive purchase!

Well, the time came yesterday. My Maris Piper UK potatoes got delivered and so it was the perfect time to make shepherd’s pie.

Maris Piper potatoes are wonderful! Unlike russet potatoes (the potatoes easily available here), they’re fluffier and more rounded in taste. After boiling and ricing them fine, I seasoned with salt, black pepper, butter and cream.

For the minced lamb, it was simply ensuring they cooked slow and well. I added only some oyster mushrooms chopped small and seasoned with a beef cube, a heaped tablespoon of tomato paste and salt pepper.

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Vegetable Tart

This is not a cooking recipe. It’s really a matter of assembling but it works so well! I learnt it from my sister who said she learnt it from Nadia Hussein, the British celebrity Bake Off winner.

It’s too simple but so elegant looking. I used store bought ready rolled puff pastry and scored the edges. Using a fork, poke the base. Spread store bought basil pesto. Sprinkle cheese and later vegetables of choice.

For the vegetables, I used pan fried thinly sliced brinjals. I used up the left over thinly sliced capsicums from the focaccia as well as mushrooms. Once baked, I sprinkled Parmesan cheese and baby salad leaves. Make sure the bottom of the pastry is well cooked. No soggy bottoms!

Rosemary leaves add that fragrant touch too.
Olive oil, grated Parmesan and salad leaves for the finishing touches.
It’s easy to eat a whole pie 😅
Bread and Batter

Focaccia Art

Been wanting to make this for the longest time. I used Jamie Oliver’s easy focaccia recipe and it works. Not exactly the tastiest recipe out there but it’s quick, basic and perfect for Everyday baking.

Click here to go to his recipe.

The risen dough. The second time I baked this, the dough was even bigger and airier!
Whatever topping you have at home. Dont waste!
I prefer this design.

Father’s Day Lunch

So today for Father’s Day I didn’t cook anything new. I made saffron rice, roasted lamb shoulder encrusted with a tahini lemon marinade, fired up some sirloin steaks and baked some zaatar chicken wings. My sister came over and brought a Iranian salad which she made. And I made kunafa again – though this time with mozzarella and queso blanco cheese as the filling.

But it was a day to thank the fathers in my family – my husband, my brother and my brother-in-law. My own father passed on 17 years ago. Time really does heal and sometimes I feel anxious when I forget certain memories. All I can do now is to gift him a prayer.

The saffron rice with some cute Australian boiled eggs and pomegranate seeds.
Sirloin with roasted tomatoes on a vine.
Roasted lamb shoulder. I marinated overnight with tahini, lemon juice, garlic and salt.
This time round I made sure I made a wall from then kataifi base to get a full kataifi encrusted kunafa.
Delicious salad made by my sister. I added cubes of grilled haloumi because I had some leftover and didn’t want to waste.

Happy Father’s Day to all daddies out there. Continue to uphold strong values and be wonderful role models to your children. ☺️