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Penne Mushroom Carbonara Casserole ðŸĨ˜ — May 30, 2018

Penne Mushroom Carbonara Casserole ðŸĨ˜

And so the June holidays have begun and my kitchen has opened. No more Mama’s cooking for the next four weeks!

So today, I’ve decided to cook a penne casserole dish. Now I know why Americans love the casserole. It’s easy to make and delicious. Just add your favourite ingredients, top with cheese and let the oven do the rest.

For this dish, I didn’t use any recipes but my gut feel.

Step 1.

Boil penne in salted water till al dente

Step 2.

Heat olive oil in pan, add sliced sausages and smoked paprika for added flavour. Add sliced white mushrooms and broccoli. Add a bit of chopped garlic.

Step 3.

Add bottled mushroomcarbonarasauce. I also do not like to waste ingredients so I added the leftover mushroomsoup from last night and about half a cup of cream from the fridge. Add penne and stir to combine.

Step 4.

Transfer to a baking dish. Sprinkle breadcrumbs and parmesancheese. Sprinkle dried Italianherbs.

Step 5.

Bake till cheese melts and browns.

Step 6.

Serve hot with mesclun salad.

Detox Water ðŸĨ’ — May 27, 2018

Detox Water ðŸĨ’

Since I’ve to be on a low purine diet, I’ve been finding recipes to make my meals healthier.

And all the health websites say I’ve to drink plenty of water – at least 8-16 cups a day. So what better way then to start detoxing my water with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Today, I tried the cucumber and lime method. Simply slice limes and cucumbers and pour water in a jar with the sliced vegetables. I’ll let it sit for many hours and then drink 8-16 cups of it. 😌

Suji (Semolina) Pudding My Way — May 21, 2018

Suji (Semolina) Pudding My Way

I’ve shared a post about making semolina pudding or suji in Malay. Quite similar to a rice pudding except this uses semolina flour. Today, because the water was too hot, the semolina quickly turned quite lumpy. I used a whisk and when it’s all done, poured the mixture through a sieve. Voila! Very smooth and creamy pudding.

For the final touch, I had the trail mix a friend got for me. Healthy and raw. I made it more delicious (and unhealthy!) by frying handfuls in good quality butter (Lurpak, in this case). After that, chill in the fridge or eat warm.

1. Bring 4 Ikea sized mugs of water in a Corningware to a simmer.
2. Add 1 Ikea sized mug of semolina and 1 Ikea sized mug of white sugar (not totally full for sugar, make it 4/5 mug) and 1 whole can of full fat evaporated milk.
3. Stir to thicken and slowly add 1 more Ikea sized mug of hot water to achieve a smooth and not too thick consistency. It should coat the back of a wooden spoon nicely. Add a bit of yellow food colouring and some rose water essence, or vanilla if the former is unavailable.
4. Fry in butter nuts and raisins of choice.
5. Sprinkle over and chill.
6. If mixture has lumps, sieve mixture for a smooth consistency.
Mushy Peas — May 20, 2018

Mushy Peas

Remember my post on Covent Garden’s fish and chips? Well, from time to time, I’ll think about it.😂 But today, because of The Boy’s insistence to make him fish and chips, I decided to make it the whole works.

It’s so easy to make. And delicious to boot, except that I have two girlfriends who loathe peas, so I am guessing there are a lot more pea haters out there.

It’s all about boiling, adding, blitzing and voila! Creamy and flavourful super sweet peas!

1. Boil: Peas

2. Add: butter, cream, white pepper, sea salt

3. Blitz: not too smooth unless you like it that way. It’s not creamed peas, it’s mushy peas! 😂

For tonight’s dinner, it’s battered salmon. Delish!

Pani Puri — May 8, 2018
Overnight Oats 🍓 — May 3, 2018
Roasted Peppers in Olive Oil — April 14, 2018

Roasted Peppers in Olive Oil

I’m sad that a place I’ve been going to yearly for years has closed down because the entire building it was on got en bloc. Goodbye my dearest Porta-Porta.

And suddenly I felt sad also for losing my favourite Italian starters. So I decided to try and make one of them – masserated in good pure organic olive oil roasted peppers.

In a pan roast peppers till soft and skin blackened.

When cooled, remove skin. Cut into strips and then place in a jar. Add sea salt generously and then pour oil over. Leave in fride (just because Singapore is so very hot now, nothing can stay good out).

Later I’ll see if I can get some great ciabatta to go with this.

Spinach Namul 🇰🇷 — March 24, 2018

Spinach Namul 🇰🇷

The best spinach ever. And it’s so super easy to make! Such a hit. You need to use Asian spinach called Phuay Leng here. All you need is to boil it (not too long!) and then toss it in a mixture of garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds. Delicious! This afternoon I ate with brown rice, boiled cabbage and beans in peanut sauce, and chicken. ðŸĪŠ

Markprok Seafood — February 18, 2018

Markprok Seafood

We googled and we discovered a great seafood haunt in Phuket. Phuket is expensive, depending on where you stay. The cost of the trip itself to Markprok is as expensive as the meal itself! Seriously staying in the northern part of Phuket is not wise if you intend to travel for food or fun.

The food itself is good authentic Thai food. We ordered quite a lot but the best is the clear and very spicy tom yum seafood soup! We got prawns and sweet sour fish. All very light on the palate and tasty. Of course, as Singaporeans we had tasted fantastic Thai food in restaurants but for the authentic experience of local dining, and the fact that in Singaporeanised versions which tend to be heavier in seasoning and oil, we enjoyed the food here tremendously. It’s also very fragrant with all the many herbs and aromatic leaves thrown in.

I am always inspired by my travels. Looks like the next weekend I’ll be whipping up some Thai recipes! 😉

Best Fried Chicken Ever —

Best Fried Chicken Ever

So right in front of the hotel entrance by the side of the road, we chanced upon a Muslim lady selling fried chicken on Saturday. We then realised the reason we couldn’t find a single halal place in Phuket was that they close on Fridays! So yesterday we saw the couple early morning but by the time we arrived back in the evening they were no longer there.

So this morning I walked over (it took only 1 min walk!) and smelled the wonderful aroma of greasy fried chicken. And I had the pleasure to see the husband seller pour the pink liquid batter into the frying vat for that crispy crunch. I chose my parts and then she weighed and voila! Soon we were enjoying such flavourful aromatic Thai fried chicken. But i went a second time and they gave me free chicken skin! Lol. Yummey!