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Muah Chee

Muah! Muah! Muah! I love muah chee and now, thanks to my new toy, the Happy Call pan, I can make my own muah chee anytime I want! Muah!

Add a cup of glutinous rice flour to a cup of water (or slightly less) and stir till it forms a smooth mixture.
Make sure the pan is not hot or it will instantly cook the mixture before you can even form it into a dough. Using a very small fire, heat the pan and then add onion oil. If you have no onion oil, then fry some sliced onions until they are browned and then remove the onions. I used barely a teaspoon of oil to fry my onions and then after removing the sliced onions, poured the mixture in. Do not cover.
Stir the mixture into a dough. Something like this. And then you cover to cook the dough. It takes only about two minutes on one side. Turn over to the other side and then cook.
Once it’s cooked (the inside is not pasty and raw), take it out onto a board and snip or cut into small chunks.
Drop the nuggets of dough into a bowl of powdered peanuts and sugar (make sure lots of sugar. I used 3 tbsp to 3 5 tbsp of peanut powder) and roll till the nuggets are all nicely and evenly coated. And there you have it, muah chee! Yummylicious indeed. And so economical!

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