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As a child, I love love love suji. Unfortunately, my mom or any of my aunts could make it. So once a year, during iftar, the breaking of fast at a relative’s place, we would fight to get hold of the little containers of yellow semolina pudding. Fast forward a few years later, and my MIL makes suji! Ha ha. I couldn’t wait to get hold of how to cook it. I told her I had to watch her cook, just giving me the recipe wont cut it. And you know what, even though I make this quite often, I still cant get it to taste like hers. Anyway, here’s the recipe.


1. 4 cups of water (IKEA mugs)

2. 1 tin of full-fat Carnation evaporated milk

3. I cup (IKEA mug) of sugar

4. I cup (IKEA mug) of semolina

5. a bit of yellow colouring

6. a bit of rose water

7. sliced roasted almonds and raisins for garnish

And that’s it. The trick for no lumps is not to let the mixture boil at all. Just a simmer throughout until it thickens.

You can ask a helper to keep stirring the mixture till it thickens.
I like to put mine in little plastic containers (who knows one day I can make a small business selling them) and give away to friends.
They look so pretty. I like the colours.

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