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Sweet and Sour Fish

You know, with rising food prices and all, we ought to all learn to cook. Granted, my cooking is always on the so-so side with the occasional ‘good’ ratings given by the family, but I will not give up cooking. Who knows my dream to open up that book cafe will one day materialise! Anyway, we all ought to learn how to cook and to improvise the recipes as many of the recipes do call for a lot of ingredients. And ingredients mean money.

So today, I used up the other packet of sutchi fillets (they were on sale last week: 2 packs for the price of almost one!). I decided to make sweet and sour fish. The only thing I had to buy was the tinned pineapples, but I know I’ll make use of the leftover pineapples one day too. And oh, capsicum.

Cut the fish into bite-sized pieces and then marinade with soya sauce, white pepper and cornflour. In hindsight, I should have added some salt too. 20 minutes later, fry the pieces till cooked and crispy. Mind you, these aren't battered fish like what you find at our local hawker stalls. They'll just turn brown.
In a saucepan, I added a wee bit of oil and sauteed some chopped garlic. I added the red capsicums (cubed) till they were slightly soft and blackened (I love the caramelised taste of cooked capsicums) and then added pineapples (cubed. Then, I added a bit of chicken stock, followed by ketchup, vinegar, the syrup from the tinned pineapples and then gently stired in the fried fish pieces. Topped with finely chopped coriander leaves.
Easy Peasy Sweet and Sour Fish.

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