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Begedil (Potato Patties)

Who can claim to be a Singaporean but not like begedil? Scoffs at anyone who doesn’t like them. What is not to like? Meat? Check. Potatoes? Check. Egg? Check. Oh, no offence to vegetarians. Hmmm…

Certainly with this kind of recipes, there are many variations. Today, mine was super easy. Fried potatoes whizzed. Minced meat, fried. Add them together with some breadcrumbs (as the mixture was too soft) coat them with beaten egg before frying and voila!

A few years ago I made begedil from scratch. That is to say, I fried the potatoes and then, instead of whizzing them in the blender I used a pestle and mortar and pounded them till mashed but too too fine (like you would in a blender). Added in some fried onions, finely diced Chinese celery leaves, white pepper and minced meat. It was a labour of love for a loved one. Now, after two kids, I think the blender version would do.

Also, you could boil the potatoes instead of frying them. Basically, you can do whatever you want to them as long as you dip them in egg before you fry and they look like small little flat discs.

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