Banana Flaxseed Mountain Honey Muffin

In the fridge I saw a bowl of overripe local bananas – what we call ‘Pisang Mas’ here. So I googled for banana muffins with flaxseed (because I just ground a fresh batch for the week) and in true style, had to modify it. The result is awesomeness! Here is my version: 

Wet ingredients 

1. Bowl of ripe mashed bananas (there were ten small ones in my bowl)

2. 4 tbsp ground flaxseed 

3. 1 egg

Dry Ingredients

1. 1.5 cups plain flour 

2. 1 Tsp baking soda

3. 1 tsp salt

4. 2 tsp baking powder

5. 5 tsp raw coarse sugar

6. 1/2 cup of soft dark brown sugar

7. 4 tbsp milk

The squirt of mountain honey turned out superb!  There’s a nice crunch for the top. Overall, this is not a sweet muffin just the way I like it and it’s very healthy-no oil, no butter!  


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