Shaved ice with sweet syrup. It seems that every culture has a version of this- from the American snow cone to our local ice-kacang. When I was a student, I did not enjoy the ice-kacang sessions my friends loved so much. I’d order mine without the kacang (beans) which was of course weird. Try ordering ‘one ice kacang no kacang uncle/auntie’ and I bet you the dessert seller will either a) laugh b) question your choice or c) snort, shake his/hear head in scorn.

Now I am living in the era of korean hallyu madness. And Korean shaved ice or bingsu is way way way better than the local coarse syrupy sticky shaved ice of my childhood. I am so sure self-righteous Singaporeans will snub at my opinion, but this is my space to share.

A good kind-hearted friend picked me up and after some grocery shopping, drove me to this wonderful place which sells only korean desserts. Mind you, they were pricey but for twin sharing, totally worth it.

The ice is snow smooth and the red bean topping so so creamy and not cloyingly sweet. The best part is the crunchy toasted almonds sprinkled generously around the bowl.

The best part is, no sticky fingers! And ironically when I was younger I loathed red beans (the kacang in ice-kacang), with the korean version, I am not averse to it. Perhaps because it is always smooth and creamy and most importantly not sweet.

tucked away in an old school compound…
spoilt for choice!

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