Asian Dishes, Japanese/Korean

Easy Japanese Bowl

Even though it finally rained here today, it’s still super hot immediately after the rain is over. It’s been so so hot so I have no energy to cook.

But the family needs lunch. And so the easiest thing to cook is really a Japanese bowl.

Pretty, no?

All I needed to do was:

1. Make the tamago from scratch

2. Use bottled teriyaki sauce on the salmon belly

3. Use leftover ingredients like pickled carrots from when I made banh mi and freshly cut cucumbers

4. Make an easy miso soup using packaged dashi soup stock and dried seaweed with leftover fishballs/mushroom balls from when I made yong tau foo (Singapore/Malaysian dish. I’ll share this one day)

5. Tomago. Bottled purchased from a supermarket

The rest is all about assembling.

Those dumplings were frozen bought from a supermarket and just fried and steamed.

A simple Japanese affair on a weekend. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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